Link Round-up 12/4/2010

Another Saturday, and another bunch of links Shopping Spree and Immune Punch Giveaway – No Meat Athlete. I find the concept of vegetarianism interesting, but it’s just not for me. But I’m loathe to turn my back on a giveaway! He’s giving away $50 towards products at and a tub of a powdered supplement.

The French Paradox – eating Rules. Blogger Andrew just got back from a vacation from France and talks about the French Paradox of the huge, rich meals typical of French cuisine and their lack of obesity.

Guest Post: Slow Cooker Mexican Beans: – Cheap Healthy Good.

Mojito Tilapia Taco Bites – How Sweat It Is. DW is allergic to fish, so I can’t make this recipe as it stands, but it would work well with any shredded white meat.

Tomato Fennel Quinoa Soup – The Muffin Myth. If you’ve never had quinoa, you need to try it. Seriously.

Not Soy Fast – Civil Eats. A look at how the “health” food soy isn’t quite as good for you as normally thought.  Personally, the only soy I like is soy sauce.

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