Uncommon Uses of a George Foreman Grill: Tips & Tricks

The Lean, Mean, Fat-Reducing Grilling Machine. The George Foreman Grill is one of the most popular kitchen small appliances on the market. But did you know it was almost the Hulk Hogan Grill? During his reality series, Terry Hogan claimed that the product was pitched to him first, but missed the phone call from his agent while attending to family business.

I use my George Foreman grill all the time. I have it turned on at least 4 times per week. What’s the number one thing I make with it? Sandwich wraps. After that is burritos. Only about once or twice a month do I actually cook something “traditional” on it, like burgers, hot dogs, or chicken. So, just what can you cook on a George Foreman?

George Foreman Grill

Mexican a la George Foreman:

I usually make burritos using my chicken & rice, although lately I’ve been making rice with black beans or even tuna and rice. Will be sharing that recipe in the near future. Don’t knock it…they are GOOD. Or try a breakfast burrito with egg, cheese, and your favorite breakfast meat. But don’t limit yourself to the burrito. Take a soft taco shell, fill it with your favorite taco ingredients, and fold in half. Just like an ordinary soft taco. Then take it from ordinary to extraordinary by putting it on the pre-heated George Foreman (open side facing towards the top) for ~ 3 minutes. BAM! Grilled tacos.


I make a lot of wraps and I usually grill them, as I mentioned above. To do this. Just toss the wrap on for three minutes after the grill heats up. Paninis are very popular right now. Really all there is to a panini is a grilled sandwich on slices of ciabatta bread. They take about 5 minutes to cook. Grilled cheese is prepared and cooked just like a regular grilled cheese sandwich, expect no flipping required. This one only takes 3 minutes. A favorite of mine is the tuna melt. A tuna melt, really, is just a grilled cheese sandwich with tuna salad in the middle. That tuna will take an extra minute for it all to cook. Four minutes here.


Speaking of fish, fillets take about 2-3 minutes per half inch thickness to fully cook. For fish, it is recommended to spray cooking spray on the grill. As with any cooking method for fish, it will flake (running a fork across the meat will cause little chips or “flakes” to come off) with a fork when done.


Parboil vegetables and slice them. Lightly coat with some oil before putting on a hot grillĀ  How long depends on the vegetable. Squash will take about 3 minutes. Firmer veggies could take up to 10.


For more ideas, you could also check out the site George Foreman Recipes or even the official George Forman Grill site.

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  1. Posted by 'Becca on 26.07.11 at 05:00

    We love the George Foreman grill for cooking veggie burgers, especially in hot weather. Even my son, who was 6 when we got the grill, learned to use it very easily!

  2. Posted by Edward Antrobus on 26.07.11 at 05:00

    On hot days like today, most of my cooking happens on the George Foreman. That’s great that you’ve got your son in the kitchen already!

  3. Posted by Val Stewart on 26.07.11 at 05:00

    OMG I just made scrambled eggs & toast on my George Foreman Grill.
    Mix scrambled egges in a bowl
    After grill is heated lift lid & tip back so eggs don’t run off surface
    Pour eggs onton grill
    As they cook using spatula scrape the eggs so they cook evenly
    When they are close to being cooked lay a piece of bread on are where egges are not close the lid & let cook for a little while.

  4. Posted by Edward Antrobus on 26.07.11 at 05:00

    That’s a great idea! I’m going to have to give this a shot over the weekend. I may wind up including it in my next cookbook.

  5. Posted by Alexandria Vegetarian Bagpiper on 26.07.11 at 05:00

    This is a great post. I am visually impaired so this sounds like an easy thing to use for veggie burgers and veggie dogs.

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