Easy Way to Slice Olives: Tips & Tricks

Those little cans of sliced olives can be pretty expensive, so I always buy the whole, pitted olives instead. Unfortunately, that leaves the task of slicing them to myself. But olives are so small, they are difficult to slice. What’s a guy trying to add more unsaturated fats to his diet supposed to do?

A bowl of kalamata olives.

A bowl of kalamata olives. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was thinking of this problem over the weekend, while I was preparing a Mexican Pasta Salad to pack with my lunches for work. Then it struck me, I already have a tool in my kitchen for slicing small ovaloid objects–my egg slicer.

Sometimes I wonder why I even have a hard boiled egg slicer. I’ve used it to slice eggs only a couple times in the 3 years I’ve been married. But I could fit 2 olives in the slicer and by being gentle, I would come out with 8 neat olive slices.

I sliced half a can in about 5 minutes. In the past, I would stop at about 5 olives because continuing seemed like too much work.

To demonstrate the egg-slicer approach to slicing olives, I put together a short film and post it on YouTube. Enjoy!

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