How to Make Canned Vegetables Less Salty: Tips & Tricks

There is a way to make canned vegetables taste less salty

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Happy Valentines Day! As per tradition, I will be making my wife’s favorite dish tonight, chicken marsala. But I don’t have any good tips to share related to that, so I thought that I would talk about canned vegetables instead. Traditionally, I’m not a big fan of canned vegetables. But if you shop at discounted food stores, sometimes the price can be hard to resist. At our last trip, we were able to get cans of corn for 50 cents each.

Of course, a deal is no deal if you won’t eat it. They could be giving away eggplant and I still wouldn’t take it. So what made me change my mind for those slightly dented cans of corn? I realized a way to make them more palatable. My problem with all canned vegetables is their salty taste. Even cans marked “reduced sodium” taste of salt to me.

Rinse Vegetables to Remove Salt

A few weeks ago, I had a thought. If I occasionally rinse my pasta to remove the excess starch, rinse fresh produce to remove dirt, and rinse canned beans to remove their syrupy juice, why not rinse canned vegetables to remove the salty taste?

So I gave it a shot. What would I be out if it didn’t work? Half a dollar? I can live with that. So turn, turn, turn went my trusty can opener and dumped the contents of my can into my colander. From there, it went under the faucet where it received the cold running water. For good measure, I gave the colander a couple of flicks of the wrist to shake up the contents and douse as much surface area as possible with the fresh water. After I turned the water off, I gave the colander a couple of shakes to wring out as much excess moisture as I could. I transferred the contents to a bowl with some butter and microwaved it.

The results were acceptable. There are some cases where I will continue to prefer the frozen to canned. Actually, the preparation listed above were one of them. But if instead I am preparring one of my favorite lunch alternatives to a sandwich: BBQ veggies, then canned vegetables work well. Likewise, if I am simply adding a vegetable to a one-pan dish such as my homemade hamburger helper, then rinsing canned vegetables makes the difference between them and frozen undetectable.

Do you eat canned vegetables? What do you think of the taste?

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