Apple Corer: Utensil ABC’s

English: Apple corer/slicer with green apple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Two years ago, I had an idea to start a new weekly column featuring a different kitchen utensil. I planned on starting the first week of the year. I figured I could go through the alphabet twice in a year. When I forgot about it the first week, I decided to wait a year. Of course, I forgot again. Well, better late than never. So I’m starting now in mid-March.

Apple Corer

An apple corer is a star shaped cutter used to core and slice apples and other fruits with a core. It is used by placing on top of the apple and pressing down through the flesh of the fruit. The hole in the center severs the core from the rest of the fruit, while the fins radiating outward cut the apple into wedges.

Tree fruits such as apples and pears have a core that is more fibrous than the rest of the flesh and contain the seeds which are not tasty even if they aren’t deadly, contrary to popular belief. At one end is the stem and the other is the sepel, which is where the blossom was. None of this is particularly plesant tasting, so an apple corer is used to remove it.

In a pinch, an apple corer can be used to make potato wedges or cheese sticks.

Related utensils include an egg slicer and french fry press. Professional kitchens, especially pizzerias, may also have a vegetable dicer.

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