I is for Ice Pick

A standard ice pick

A standard ice pick (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I is for ice pick.

An ice pick is a long spike-like tool used to break apart chunks of ice. Typical models are 7-10 inches long with a wooden handle.

Ice Pick Usage

The ice pick is famous for it’s prominent role in horror movies, as well as Basic Instinct. But the ice pick has a legitamite purpose. At least it used to back in the days beforeĀ  home freezers, ice makers, and ice dispensers.

Back before people had freezers in their homes, they would generally buy large blocks of ice to keep food cool in their ice box (a pre-electric precusor to the refrigerator) or just keep drinks cool. To be useful in something like your martini glass, you would have to break small chunks off of the main block. This was done with an ice pick.

While the actual need to use an ice pick died out more than 70 years ago, some people like to still use an ice pick for drinking ice for artistic reasons. Modern ice comes in regular, boring cubic shapes. No two chunks of ice cut off a a block with an ice pick will look the same. Having uniquely shaped pieces of hand-cut ice will make any beverage feel swanky.

Not an ice pick

The axe used in mountaineering is sometimes known as an ice pick, but (being an axe instead of a spike) it is actually an ice axe.


You can actually still buy ice picks! Having never used one myself, I can’t make any claims as to which one is better than others. But you can pick from hundreds of models on Amazon. They generally sell for under $10.

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